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Live Better

This week on the Growth Guide Podcast we talked to Light Watkins, author of Travel Light: Spiritual Minimalism to Live a More Fulfulled Life.

Minimalism will change your life and happiness, But, not the minimalism you're used to.

Being a minimalist means you don‘t focus on material objects.

In Travel Light, Light Watkins shares his unique approach to spiritual minimalism, which you can adapt to your own life.

It teaches you how to:

  • Follow your curiosity

  • Make heart-based decisions

  • Prioritize and cultivate inner happiness

  • Live as though there are no throw-away moments

  • The freedom of choicelessness - decluttering your life decisions

Click below to listen to the episode:

Achieve More



It’s a spectrum.

Knowing is not enough, We must APPLY.

Willing is not enough, We must DO.

- Bruce Lee

Taking action is fundamental.

As you travel the unpredictable roads of life, you’ll find yourself at a crossroads: Action or Inaction.

You need to recognize it isn’t a binary choice, but a spectrum that defines your drive, productivity and ultimately, your success.

The Spectrum of Action

Every decision you make places you somewhere on the Action Spectrum.

Sometimes you lean more towards action, pushing boundaries, and making things happen.

Other times, you're more reserved, taking a step back to reflect or wait for the perfect moment.

There may be a time for both, but the reality is to succeed, you need a high Bias to Action (BtA).

The High, the Low and the Intentional

I was at a Mastermind in LA for the last few days and we saw this in action.

Three of us were sharing an Airbnb together and we are a contrast in our level of action.

Before I talk about my two friends, which I’ve told them I’ll do, I’ll start with myself.

A High BtA

My BtA is high. Wait, that’s an understatement. My BtA is off the charts silly.

It’s a problem, though.

When your BtA is too high, you can find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Burnout

  • Rushed Decisions

  • Falling for Shiny Object Syndrome

For me, the answer to all three of these is YES.

But, it also means I end up achieving at a very high level because I run all out and dial back when I recognize it’s become an issue.

At the Airbnb, my friends Brian O’Connor and Kurtis Hanni pointed out the problem they saw for me.

Kurtis said Clint, you’re a passionate guy and it always shines through when we’re together, talking online or running a course together, but…you can’t bring that passion to everything you’re trying to do and it shines through.

What Kurtis was telling me was to Say No to more things so I could say Fuck YES to the target goals.

He’s right.

I’m dropping some projects.

I’m going deeper into the ones that matter.

Let’s contrast my approach with my friend, Brian.

A Low BtA

Brian is a deep thinker.

His background is as a competitive strategist.

It means he’s often thinking about all the angles of every issue.

He can dissect something front to back, inside out and tell you everything you need to know, but…it leads to overthinking.

We were walking to the Airbnb together and I said Brian, is it alright if I throw out a challenge for you that I’m seeing.

When he gave me permission, I said, Do you recognize sometimes you overthink a lot of the things we talk about.

He laughed and told me he wanted to show me his notes when we got back to the Airbnb and when I read them, he’d written a note to himself that morning Stop Overthinking Things.

Like me, Brian made a commitment.

He made the decision to publish a landing page within a few days.

I need y’all to ping him in the Twitter DMs and ask him if he’s finished yet.

The Intentional BtA

Becoming friends with Kurtis over the last few years has been amazing.

Kurtis is a good friend and someone I’ve launched businesses with together.

On Twitter, he became my Ride or Die partner early on and we’ve stayed tight for 2+ years and met up in Florida and LA now.

What I’ve always appreciated about Kurtis is something he focused on early in his Twitter journey, which was intentionality.

Kurtis is a low BtA when he needs to be.

Kurtis is a high BtA when he needs to be.

In reality, he’s intentional about when he chooses to act.

If the situation calls for it, he goes high and if it’s not required, he moves at a measured pace.

He’s leaving his job, starting a business and growing his brand and he’s done it in a specific, measured and intentional way over the last two years - it’s impressive.

Barriers to Action

The three common barriers to action you’ll commonly see are:

  1. Fear of Failure

  2. Analysis Paralysis

  3. Lack of Self-Belief

You don’t have to let them get in your way, though, here’s 5 ways to overcome these Barriers to Action:

Reframe Failure 

See it as a learning opportunity, not a dead end.

Remember, every setback has a lesson hidden in it.

Limit Overthinking 

Set a timer for decision-making.

It’s a simple trick to push yourself into action mode.

Build Self-confidence

Engage in self-affirmations, surround yourself with positive influences and continually remind yourself of past successes.

Start Small

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest.

Don't aim for a marathon if you've never run a mile.

Set manageable goals, scale up, be consistent and let compounding do the work.

Use Accountability Partners

Share your goals with someone you trust.

Having someone to check-in with can motivate you to keep moving forward.

A Thought

You need a circle.

Someone to tell you to speed up or slow down.

People who push you, challenge you and support you.

This was a 3-day mastermind and it will be life changing for me.

A Question(s)

Who’s in your circle?

Who’s pushing you, challenging you and supporting you?

When you ask them where you fall on the Action Spectrum, what will they say?


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