The AI Writing Lab - Two Days Remaining

You're Using ChatGPT Wrong and We'll Help You Fix It

You're Using ChatGPT Wrong

​And, we'll help you fix it.

​Back in December, my friend told me ChatGPT would replace my writing.

You're Crazy, I told him.

Boy, was I wrong.

​After spending hundreds of hours playing with it and taking courses,

​I now use ChatGPT Every Single Day.

​One key difference changed my entire approach and you'll never think about ChatGPT the same way again when you learn it.

ChatGPT should not do your thinking.

ChatGPT should be your:

  • ​Intern

  • ​Researcher

  • ​Personal Assistant

You don't need to be a prompt engineer.

​In fact, those 50 prompts to improve your marketing content guides are garbage.

​You can't feed ChatGPT one-line prompts and expect good outputs. It won't happen.

You need to change your perspective.

​And, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars hiring an AI expert to do it.

​Once you learn how our systems work, you'll never run out of content ideas again and you'll write with ease.​

Here's what others say:

Doors will be closing in 48 hours when the course starts.

This is your opportunity to spend 3 hours on an in-depth writing session with me, Steve and Kurtis to see how we write and how we think.

You’ll have a hands on opportunity to do a writing session with us of a Twitter Thread, Newsletter sample or blog post.

We’ll work with you and have fun creating, together.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday.


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